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The Northern Lights Medical Venturers and the NPEMA Medical Venturers & Rovers — and possibly other MedVent companies across Canada — have negotiated some great pricing on some of the PPE and other equipment that Scouts Canada is asking groups to have on hand as they return to in-person meetings this fall under additional precautions and guidelines. The MedVents are even selling COVID-19 kits — for $20/each — that contain a collection of adult and youth-sized masks, face shields, gowns, and more.

If you’re interested, get in touch with either MedVent company — links above! — or reach out to the MedVents in your region to see if they have a similar program going.

Update from the MedVents:

The Kits are vacuum sealed as well, so they’re flat, portable, waterproof and ready for any adventure Scouting can get up to!

Just to be clear, the MedVents are willing to ship these kits ANYWHERE in Canada, though the shipping may be a touch more expensive the further you go. That’s why we settled on Shipping from Ontario and Alberta - one can go east easier and one can go west easier.

We’d love to support any scouting group who may want one of these kits! They should just contact us through the form. Best option is a few groups order together and split the shipping cost - as it’s measured by cubic volume then by weight and the kits don’t weigh much.


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