Founded in 2015, Scouting Stuff is the creation of Scouter Ken and Scouter Colin, who grew up together in the 59th Edmonton Scout Group...and it might not have come to be at all if Scouts Canada had followed Boy Scouts of America's lead in producing its own Scouting-themed podcast(s).

Because while there's a number of excellent Scouting podcasts out there, there are very few that are not American-centric. And while many of the principles of Scouting translate between different national programs, there was still an open niche there...which Scouting Stuff was founded to fill.

So, welcome to the Scouting Stuff podcast. Listen in as we discuss everything you should know about Scouting in Canada, and occasionally other places as well.

About the Hosts

Scouter Ken


Scouter Colin