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Great podcast!

I’m a new Scouter volunteer and was looking for a variety of ways to get information on scouting besides just the learning through Woodbadge and the scout website and this has been great to listen to. I started at episode 1 and I’m on 14 now. I definitely recommend it!

Quick question

My name is Parker Robinson I am a former Eagle Scout (bsa). I just wanted to say I love your podcast and if you need a guest let me know. Also my question that I have is what is your gaming podcast called?

very fun

it is a great podcast and there is many new things I am learning.

Great Stuff

Love the podcast-was gonna be a funny guy and leave a 1 star review, but I see someone beat me to it-drats! Keep up the good stuff-Scouting Stuff. Great Canadian information about scouting

Great information with lots of laughs

This is one of the best ways to learn about Scouting after you have put your hours in on the path. Learning by stories and lots of laughter.


Wealth of info about scouting in Canada, but with good cross section about scouting in USA

Great discussions, great information!

Keep up the good work!


Great Podcast about scouting.