59th Edmonton Scout Group Packing List

This is the default packing list that we - by which I mean the 59th Edmonton Scout Group - send out ahead of all camps.

Default Packing List

Packing List

Packing List Additions

The list above is a general list that would be suitable for an overnight camp in most seasons. However, some camps may introduce additional considerations.

For longer camps, youth will want to bring additional clothes. Generally speaking, youth should have about one change of clothes per day they will be at camp (up to about five days), and then one extra change of clothes in case the clothes they begin the day with get wet or overly soiled.

It is also recommended that youth bring extra socks and underwear, above and beyond the number needed for all the changes of clothes they'll be bringing.

Winter Camps

For winter camps, youth will want to bring a complete set of outdoor wear, including:

  • A warm jacket
  • Snow pants
  • A toque or other warm covering for the ears and the top of the head
  • Mittens or gloves (possibly two pairs, in case one gets wet or soiled)
  • A scarf or neck warmer (optional)
  • Winter boots

Spring Camps

For camps in early spring, youth will want to bring a complete set of water-resistant outdoor wear, including:

  • Splash pants
  • Rubber boots
  • An umbrella (optional)

Summer Camps

For camps in the summer, youth will want to be prepared for the possibility of rainy weather (see Spring Camps), and should also be ready for long exposure to heat, sunlight, and insects. They should bring:

  • Sunscreen (SPF 45 or better)
  • Insect spray
  • A hat (a ball cap will do; a wide-brimmed hat is better)

Other Items

Youth may also wish to bring some of the following with them on camps:

  • A pillow
  • A stuffed animal or other comfort item
  • Coloring books and pencil crayons (no felt markers, please)

Please put your child's name on all items!