Why the Fleur-de-lis?

Why, exactly, does Scouting use the fleur-de-lis as its symbol?

Why, exactly, does Scouting use the fleur-de-lis as its symbol?

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Why does Scouting use the fleur-de-lis as its symbol? Wasn't the organization founded in England? Don't laugh; that's a question we've gotten before, and probably will again. At some point, a curious Scout — or their parent — will want to know just why Scouting the world over uses the symbol that it does.

Ken and Colin take a look at the history of the fleur-de-lis symbol, from ancient history to its adoption, by Baden-Powell, as the symbol of the Scouting movement.

Question to the Listener: If we didn't have the current logo, the fleur-de-lis, what would be an acceptable logo for Scouting?

The Unofficial Beaver Scout Badge Handbook: Fearing that simply printing out the PDFs that Scouts Canada have made available — via the Canadian Path website — would not work well for Beaver Scouts, Ken took it on himself to collect all of the information about Beaver Scout badges into a convenient booklet.


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