Group Committee Transition

How do you handle turnover in your Group Committee?

How do you handle turnover in your Group Committee?

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Ken and Colin discuss how to carry out an effective Group Committee transition. It’s not as easy as just electing a new treasurer or group commissioner; a Group should make sure to have all of the infrastructure in place ahead of time to ensure an orderly handover of documents, email accounts, and other pertinent information and materials.

If a Group has gone through the process of getting itself online, organizations like TechSoup (or TechSoup Canada) can help a Group expand from just having a registered domain into having a full-fledged team and document management solution (e.g. Google Workspace, Microsoft 365)...often for free, or for a vastly reduced non-profit-friendly price. Getting set up with solutions like these can facilitate both easier sharing and storing of important documents and records, but also smoother handovers of same between individuals.


Liam, from the 2nd Airdrie Scout Group, left us a review online:

"As a scout this is interesting to listen to."

Thanks for the kind words, Liam! We love getting reviews, especially 5-star reviews...and we’re glad that you’re finding the podcast interesting.


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