Another National Virtual Campfire

Sit back and enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy!

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Scouter Mike rejoins us to discuss Scouts Canada the 3rd National Virtual Campfire that Scouts Canada will be hosting next month, on February 27th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Which, as it happens, is the last day of Scout/Guide Week this year. Of course, they need the usual collection of skits, songs, cheers, and jokes — especially skits, which have tended to be in short supply in previous Virtual Campfires.

But they are also looking for short video submissions from “youth co-hosts”, which should take the following form:

  • Videos should be 15-20 seconds in length
  • Ideally, videos should be shot “on location” in a place of local significance, or of personal significance to the youth
  • Youth should introduce themselves, mention their troop & section, and then introduce the location and discuss its significance briefly

The deadline for “youth co-host” video submissions is February 12th, 2021, and the deadline for skit/song/cheer/joke video submissions is February 20th, 2021. Send in content here:

And: follow the Scouts Canada news and events page!


As you might expect, Scouter Mike has a number of shout-outs to offer; assembling the Virtual Campfire takes quite a sizeable team! This includes Bill Dewar and Thomas Dewar, both of whom Mike credits as amazing campfire chiefs. Tim Fountain puts most of the campfire program together, and Ruben De Sousa helps out by contributing graphics. Venessa Christian, Ken Broad, Anissa Stambouli, and Joe Vantour comprise the social media team. Jake Forsyth is in the mix as well. And Marc Chamberlain heads up Scout’s Canada’s team overseeing Scout/Guide Week.



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