Meet the Parents II

Revisiting the how-tos of a parent meeting.

Revisiting the how-tos of a parent meeting.

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Ken and Colin revisit a topic from almost half the podcast ago — Episode 67, published in September of 2018, specifically — and offer some thoughts on how to hold a successful parent meeting.

You can find some interesting blog articles about what needs to be communicated to parents, and how, and exactly how you go about it with the parents of youth in your Group will depend on all sorts of factors. But in summary, here’s the gist of what a successful parent meeting should include:

  • Meetings, rather than one meeting. The 59th, at least, has had better success by ditching the “one big meeting” in favour of having the Group Commissioner come out to the first or second meetings for each Section.
  • Set fundraising expectations early.
  • Make the pitch for volunteers, both parent helpers and Scouters.
  • Explain the badge program.
  • Explain the uniform.
  • Explain the Code of Conduct and set expectations for youth behaviour.
  • Food isn’t necessary, but it isn’t unwelcome.


Scouter Eric from the Northern Lights Medical Venturers reached out to us to let us know that the MedVents are once again accepting membership applications. If you’re interested in Vocational Scouting and your home group is in NLC, consider submitting your name.

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